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We understand that many of you are on this BCCT website because you want to find a clinic or clinician to work with to guide your choices in integrative cancer therapies. This has proven to be, unsurprisingly, the most challenging part of BCCT to develop. Here are the reasons:

  1. The natural products and complementary therapies we review on BCCT are described with as much balance as possible. We do not recommend for or against any therapy we describe—we only offer the evidence we have or what we know from extended experience with patients so that you can consider the information with your physician or qualified health practitioner.
  2. The challenge of listing health practitioners or clinics for your consideration is far greater than the challenge of summarizing the evidence on complementary therapies. Practitioners and clinics change constantly. And even when they don't change, different patients have very different experiences with the same practitioner or clinic.
  3. The solution we are working on, but have not formulated yet, has three dimensions:
    1. We are considering listing some clinics and practitioners as "examples" of a particular approach.
    2. We are considering telling you about other websites that do list practitioners that have completed a particular course of training and are listed on these websites as qualified.
    3. We already provide you with a list of questions to ask any clinician you choose to interview.

So this has been the hardest part of developing BCCT. We're still working on it. If you have suggestions, we welcome them.

With gratitude,

Michael Lerner

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