Chronomodulated Therapies

Integrative oncologist and BCCT advisor Keith Block, MD, has been a pioneer of chronomodulated chemotherapy in the United States. A brief excerpt from his description:

Gold standard research supports the use of chronomodulated chemotherapy. For example, for metastatic colon cancer patients, studies show that administering chemotherapy at the optimal time can halve toxicity and double treatment response. For advanced metastatic ovarian cancer, a study in the journal Cancer reported that optimal timing of chemotherapy can reduce toxic side effects by 50 percent and quadruple five-year survival. This is a four-fold improvement! (Four times as many patients were alive at the five-year mark). The same study demonstrated a 75 percent reduction in the need to cut the treatment dose!1

BCCT plans to write a summary on  chronomodulated therapies. While our summary is in development, you can visit these sources:

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