Calcium D-glucarate

BCCT plans to write a summary on calcium D-glucarate. While our summary is in development, you can visit About Herbs: Calcium Glucarate


According to About Herbs summary of Calcium D-Glucarate,  it is “well-tolerated with no toxicity reported.”


BCCT does not recommend therapies or doses, but only provides information for patients and providers to consider as part of a complete treatment plan. Patients should discuss therapies with their physicians, as contraindications, interactions and side effects must be evaluated.

Dosage recommendations are available from these sources:

Integrative Programs, Protocols and Medical Systems

For more information about programs and protocols, see our Integrative Programs and Protocols page.
  • Programs and protocols
    • Block program: breast cancer1
    • McKinney protocols: colorectal cancer, detoxification2

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