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What are your real choices in cancer therapies?

Surgery. Radiation. Chemo. Other conventional treatments. Are these your only options?

64% percent of Americans with cancer use complementary cancer therapies. And almost 40 percent of Americans believe that alternative therapies alone can cure cancer, although using alternative therapies alone for curable cancers is dangerous.

What should you believe? How can you separate myth from science and facts?

BCCT explores the best of integrative cancer care, which frequently combines conventional and complementary treatments.

But we also know that the right blend of complementary and conventional therapies can improve your quality of life, help you do better during treatment, and potentially extend your life as well.

We offer that kind of balanced guidance—and the evidence to help you make your choices.

Where do you start?

Integrative cancer care can be complicated.

Start with an overview of your options and the BCCT website.

What are your options?

BCCT explores complementary and integrative cancer therapies.

We also give you an overview of conventional therapies.

Finally, we explore overlooked mainstream therapies, including off-label and repurposed drugs with promise for cancer. 

How do you find trustworthy guidance?

There's so much information on the Internet. How do you find reliable sources? Which options suit you best?

What can you do now?

Healthy lifestyle practices are flat-out good for you. There are other things you can also do for yourself.

Explore these simple, inexpensive and powerful starting places that can make so much difference.

How do you live with difficult emotions?

Living with anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger and confusion is a common experience after a cancer diagnosis.

There is no single answer, but you can do a great deal to make life better.

Where do you find love, community and support?

A cancer diagnosis is often isolating. Love is the greatest healer. 

Where do you find others with whom you can share this experience?