New story from metastatic breast cancer survivor Lindsay McDonell: Chemosensitivity Testing

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Join an online Living with Cancer healing circle from our sister program, Healing Circles

Online event May 4th from Anticancer Lifestyle Program: Cooking Learning Circle with Chef and Registered Dietitian Ananda Kaplan

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Your guide to integrative cancer care

BCCT is the most comprehensive science-informed source for integrative cancer therapies on the web.

We help you explore the best conventional & complementary cancer therapies based on your goals & values.

Complementary therapies include natural products, lifestyle therapies & more. They can help during conventional treatment, reduce side effects & improve quality of life, delay or prevent recurrence & potentially extend life.

Navigating conventional therapies, experimental therapies & re-purposed or off-label drugs is also a key part of integrative cancer care. 

All therapies involve both benefits and risks. We offer balanced guidance you can trust. We do not accept industry funding. We welcome your support.

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What can you do now?

Healthy lifestyle practices are a great place to start. Our 7 Healing Practices can make a real difference in fighting cancer. Research shows powerful impacts from these and other simple & inexpensive practices.

What about fear, anxiety, depression & sleeplessness?

Fear, anxiety, depression, anger, uncertainty, confusion & sleeplessness are common after a cancer diagnosis. You can do a lot to reduce them, often without pharmaceuticals.

Where do you find love, community and support?

A cancer diagnosis is often isolating. We heal in community.

Where do you find others with whom you can share this experience?

Finding meaning in cancer

The shock of a cancer diagnosis may close some doors and open others. What matters in your life may change. Religion, spirituality, love, nature and other ways of making meaning may open or deepen for you. We offer guidance—and stories.