Selected Commonweal Resources

Commonweal provides a wealth of videos, programs and other resources, including these related to cancer.

The Commonweal Cancer Help Program

As of 2018, the Commonweal Cancer Help Program has conducted over 200 week-long retreats over the past 30 years. Bill Moyers featured the program in an hour-long final episode of his PBS series “Healing and the Mind.”

Healing Circles

Healing Circles is an international learning community focused on creating high-quality psychosocial support circles for people with cancer and other conditions. See Healing Circles Langley and Healing Circles Houston.

The New School at Commonweal

The New School at Commonweal has recorded dozens of high quality educational and training podcasts and videos on cancer and many other topics.

Healing Kitchens Institute

Health begins with what you eat—with the foods you choose and the way you prepare them. Healing Kitchens Institute cooking programs bring food and nutrition education to all audiences—from young parents who want their kids to have a healthy start, to those living with chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, to physicians who want to better counsel their patients on nutrition. 

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen is a comprehensive course including detailed information and delicious recipes, along with culinary skills and techniques that will support a nourishing experience during treatment and recovery. Receive access to this course free of charge by joining BCCT's community.

You can find the complete list of all Commonweal's 20 programs and projects on the Commonweal website.

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