Leda Dederich: ‘I recognize this weird silver lining of the terminal cancer experience.’

April 22, 2020

Leda Dederich, who has a connection to the Commonweal cancer community, published this story about her response to metastatic breast cancer and the COVID-19 pandemic on MarketWatch.

‘My baseline is ridden with so much uncertainty that I feel very prepared to handle this collective moment we’re in.’

Three years ago, at age 45, I found a lump in my breast that would mark the end of my life as I knew it.

I am not alone: In 2020, approximately 276,000 women in this country will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Most will be cured. Their treatment will challenge their bodies and psyches, and they will be left with scars on both. But ultimately, most women diagnosed with breast cancer will come out survivors and get on with their lives.

A small percentage of women, like me, will not be so fortunate. We are the roughly 6% whose cancer has already spread to other parts of our bodies by the time it’s found. Metastatic breast cancer has no passage and no cure.

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