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You may read in this news feed of “cures for cancer” and “cancer prevention.” While there are some true cancer cures, it is usually more accurate to speak of reducing the risk of recurrence or reducing cancer risk. We use risk reduction language wherever possible.

October 30, 2020 — Effect of Angiotensin II inhibition on response to immunotherapy (ASCO Post)

October 30, 2020 — Time at home vs in health-care institutions for older patients after cancer surgery (ASCO Post)

October 29, 2020 — Two COVID-19 outpatient antibody drugs show encouraging results (Medscape)

October 29, 2020 — Artificial intelligence can help to improve prognosis and treatment for glioblastoma (National Cancer Research Institute)

October 28, 2020 — An existing blood test for ovarian cancer has been re-evaluated. The results are in (Cancer Research UK)

October 27, 2020 — Stereotactic radiosurgery may delay cognitive deterioration vs WBRT in patients with numerous brain metastases (The ASCO Post)

October 23, 2020 — Small case study explores novel approach [hydrogen peroxide] to neoadjuvant therapy for skin cancer (ASCO Post)

October 23, 2020 — FDA approves remdesivir for patients with COVID-19 requiring hospitalization (ASCO Post)

October 22, 2020 — How the pandemic is delaying cancer diagnosis and treatment for American Seniors (JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics)

October 22, 2020 — Rinse and repeat? Mouthwash might mitigate COVID-19 spread (Medscape Medical News)

October 16, 2020 — Assessment of psychosocial intervention for women undergoing curative rt for gynecologic cancer reveals mixed benefits (Oncology Nurse Advisor)

October 14, 2020 — Task force warns against small gatherings (CNN)

October 12, 2020 — Neck gaiters may protect against COVID-19 spread, study says

October 8, 2020 — Patients with colorectal cancer report inadequate nutritional support in survey of survivors (Oncology Nurse Advisor)

October 7, 2020 — Cancer disparities: One of the most pressing public health issues (Medscape Medical News)

October 7, 2020 — Long-term evaluation of treatment efficacy after primary DCIS diagnosis (ASCO Post)

October 6, 2020 — Study finds black and hispanic patients with cancer used telehealth less often than white patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic (ASCO Evening Post)

October 6, 2020 — Fluvoxamine data unveiled as promising early treatment in patients with mild COVID-19 (Cision PR Newswire)

October 5, 2020 — Meta-analysis suggests hydroxychloroquine benefit outside hospitals (Reuters Health)

October 5, 2020 — CDC acknowledges aerosol spread of COVID-19 (Medscape Medical News)

October 1, 2020 — "We need to be louder" on fake COVID cures (Medscape Medical News)

October 1, 2020 — Innate immune response provided "phenomenal" breast cancer control (Medscape Oncology)

September 28, 2020 — FDA issues final guidance for certain labeling recommendations for breast implants (FDA)

September 25, 2020 — Massive genetic study shows coronavirus mutating and potentially evolving amid rapid U.S. spread (Washington Post)

September 25, 2020 — Most N95 masks imported from China fail to meet US standards (Medscape Medical News)

September 24, 2020 — Pattern of gut bacteria linked to effectiveness of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients (European Breast Cancer Conference)

September 24, 2020 — OTC [over the counter] 'brain boosters' may pose serious risks, experts say (Medscape Medical News)

September 23, 2020 — Study examines combined impact of aspirin, metformin, and statins on lung cancer risk (ASCO Post)

September 23, 2020 — Cancer treatment may make COVID-19 less, not more, severe (Medscape Medical News)

September 22, 2020 — Pulsed low-dose pelvic reirradiation safe, provided tangible benefit for patients with few other options (Fox Chase Cancer Center)

September 18, 2020 — Your surge capacity is depleted [replenishing your resilience bank account] (Elemental)

September 18, 2020 — A visual guide to face masks: what works, what doesn't (Medscape Medical News)

September 18, 2020 — Low Vitamin D in COVID-19 predicts icu admission, poor survival (Medscape Medical News)

September 17, 2020 — Coffee may slow the spread of colorectal cancer (HealthDay)

September 15, 2020 — Proton pump inhibitors may affect responses to atezolizumab in patients with urothelial cancer (AACR)

September 14, 2020 — Efficacy of high-intensity ultrasound ablation for prostate cancer (The ASCO Post)

September 13, 2020 — New guidelines issued on medical cannabis for chronic pain (MedPage Today)

September 11, 2020 — Children carried COVID-19 home from Utah childcare centers, infecting family members: U.S. report (Reuters Health)

September 10, 2020 — Worry over family, friends the main driver of COVID-19 stress (Medscape Medical News)

September 10, 2020 — First US trial to test aerosolized chemotherapy in advanced cancers [with peritoneal metastasis] (Medscape Medical News)

September 8, 2020 — Patient-reported cognitive impairment among women with early breast cancer randomly assigned to endocrine therapy alone versus chemoendocrine therapy (Journal of Clinical Oncology)

September 3, 2020 — 'Mindfulness at work' program cuts healthcare provider stress levels (Medscape Medical News)

September 2, 2020 — Steroids cut death rates among critically ill COVID-19 patients, major study finds (Reuters )

September 2, 2020 — US CDC tells states to prep for COVID-19 vaccine distribution by November (Reuters)

September 2, 2020 — Personal use of permanent hair dyes and cancer risk and mortality in US women: prospective cohort study (The British Medical Journal)

September 1, 2020 — Venom from honeybees found to kill aggressive breast cancer cells (Eurek Alert)

August 31, 2020 — Accuracy of rapid COVID-19 tests is unclear (Reuters Health)

August 28, 2020 — Recent chemotherapy not tied to worse COVID-19 outcomes (Reuters Health)

August 28, 2020 — Statins linked to reduced mortality in COVID-19 (Medscape Medical News)

August 26, 2020 — Lifestyle intervention curbs risk of obesity-related cancers in type 2 diabetes patients (Medscape Medical News)

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