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Site Map and Overview

Welcome to Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies.

This site is under development. It's taken two years of intense effort to get this far. There are hundreds of integrative cancer therapies worthy of consideration.

It will take time for BCCT to reach its full potential. We need your help. We welcome your comments and we welcome your financial support to sustain this independent voice for integrative cancer therapies.

With gratitude,
Michael Lerner

Site Map and Overview

Where to Begin

Here we cover many common questions and concerns. This area is especially helpful if you are newly diagnosed.

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Integrative Cancer Care

Here we explore integrative cancer care. We provide context for choosing therapies and approaches that best suit you.

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Search Therapies

Searching therapies is at the heart of BCCT. Here you'll find detailed analysis of specific therapies. You'll find what research shows regarding their use, benefits, risks, side effects, and much more. You can search therapies according to your general cancer type, symptoms and needs.

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Cancers and Side Effects

Here you will find:

            1. A brief summary of the types of cancer that we address on this site
            2. A list of most cancer types and the labels we use in our database
            3. Help managing the symptoms and side effects of cancer and treatments

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Resources and Stories

Here you'll find resources that you might find helpful. You'll also find places and forums where you can connect with others who share similar experiences.

Personal stories are at the heart of healing work. You'll find some wonderful stories here.

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About BCCT

We tell you about us. We describe our intention. We introduce our staff and advisors. And we list our principle funding partners to date.

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Other Pages

Page Sections

These sections are included on pages where they are appropriate:

            • Key Points: A quick overview of the main points on a page
            • A personal note: Introducing the topic, noted in italics
            • Treatment: Impacts and Evidence: How this therapy addresses cancer outcomes, progression, metastasis and more
            • Wellness Promotion, Quality of Life, and Symptom Management: Impacts and Evidence: How this therapy addresses your overall feelings of wellness, your quality of life, and your symptoms
            • Prevention: Impacts and Evidence: How this therapy reduces your risk of cancer or recurrence
            • Look Deeper: A more intense look into the science behind a topic
            • Access: Where you can find this therapy
            • Cautions: Side effects, risks, interactions with other therapies and treatments, and other cautions regarding use
            • Dosing: Information about how much, when, and how to use this therapy, plus where you can find specific recommendations
            • Protocols: Which protocols include this therapy
            • Commentary: What BCCT advisors and other experts say about this topic; this text may be in green font to distinguish it from the more objective content of our pages.
            • Non-cancer Uses: What else this therapy is used for
            • More Information: Resources outside this website
            • Related Pages: Related information elsewhere on this site
            • Blog Posts: Posts that are related to this topic
            • News Items: News that is related to this topic
            • Personal Stories: Stories from BCCT friends that are related to this topic
            • Read More: Text blocks hidden from view to allow you to scan topics on a page without having to scroll past volumes of text. You can choose whether to open and read these sections to dig a bit deeper on topics.

Under Construction

Pages marked with this icon are under development. Look for more information on this topic in the coming months.

We welcome your comments.

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