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Walk with Each Other: Healing Circles

Healing Circles Global offers support for all those living with cancer and their caregivers. If you have been newly diagnosed, are at the beginning, in the middle or beyond treatment, or if you have lived with cancer for a while, we invite you to join our circles.

Diana LindsayApr 19, 2021

Building My New Normal with the 7 Healing Practices

For me, the 7 Healing Practices presented right here on the BCCT website have been the best starting point in my journey toward a healthy and hopefully cancer-free present and future. The Healing Practices are both a vehicle and a destination in the journey that I am now embracing. And the 7 Healing Practices are so fundamental to overall good health that you’ll benefit from adopting them even if cancer weren’t your main concern.

Ruth HennigNov 19, 2018

Integrative Oncology Leaders’ Criticisms of JAMA Oncology Article on Complementary Medicine Link with Increased Risk of Death

In July 2018, Media Watch Cancer News listserv sent an article regarding a study published in JAMA Oncology.

A similar review was published in Reuters: Cancer patients using alternative medicine may skip some standard care.

Several leaders in the field of integrative oncology have since written criticisms of this study. Main points from Moshe Frankel, MD, are included here, followed by links to other commentaries.

Laura PoleNov 10, 2018