Vitamin K

BCCT plans to write a summary on vitamin K. While our summary is in development, you can visit these sites:


The Lonestar Medical Group summary of Vitamin K lists several safety issues, including a number of herb-drug interactions. Of particular note is that Vitamin K can interfere with anti-coagulation therapy and can interact with drugs that alter coagulation. Read the summary for more details: Vitamin K.

For more in-depth information on cautions, adverse effects and interactions, see the TRC Natural Medicines Database summary on Vitamin K (subscription required).

Neil McKinney, ND also cautions not to use N-acetyl-cysteine during use of pro-oxidative therapy such as with vitamin K.1


BCCT does not recommend therapies or doses, but only provides information for patients and providers to consider as part of a complete treatment plan. Patients should discuss therapies with their physicians, as contraindications, interactions and side effects must be evaluated.

Dosage recommendations are available from these sources:

Integrative Programs, Protocols and Medical Systems

For more information about programs and protocols, see our Integrative Programs and Protocols page.
  • Programs and protocols
    • Block program2
      • Part of a whole foods diet
      • Anti-inflammatory terrain modifier
    • Lemole, Mehta & McKee protocols3
      • Bladder cancer
      • Breast cancer
      • Colorectal cancer
      • Lung cancer
      • Prostate cancer
    • McKinney protocols4
      • Leukemia
      • Liver cancer
      • Multiple myeloma
      • Myelodysplastic syndrome
      • Prostate cancer
      • Sarcoma
      • Natural compound targeting growth factors
      • Bone protectant supplement (with aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer and androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer)
      • Stabilize coagulation for patients on blood thinners and tumors that are eroding into blood vessels

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