Diets and Metabolic Therapies: Overview

Diet as an Alternative Treatment

Occasionally, we hear of people with cancer who used diet alone or as a component of a program, such as the Gonzalez Regimen, as an alternative to conventional cancer treatment. Some of these people associate this diet or program with control, remission or cure of their cancer. Others have not found it effective. 

If you are thinking of foregoing conventional cancer treatment and using diet as an alternative treatment, we encourage you to learn all you can about the potential benefits and harms of this option. We suggest you talk to your oncologist and let him or her know what you're thinking and why you're considering this.

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Making dietary changes is perhaps the most common healing practice that Cancer Help Program participants say they will adopt after their retreat. In fact, many people with cancer are keenly interested in using diet as one of the ingredients in their integrative cancer treatment plan. 

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Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Course

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Several diets are backed by solid evidence regarding reduction in risk or recurrence, or for symptom management. Other diets and metabolic therapies show promise for cancer treatment. Some diets may show no benefit or may even be harmful.


For these and other diet therapies, browse or search the BCCT Therapy Summaries.

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